7 Tv Shows That The 90s Kids Can Never Get Enough Of


The 90s! Those were the times when kids didn’t have a hi-tech childhood. No iPhones, no selfies, no animated series to keep them awake all night; but nevertheless, they still had one of the best memories as a child. Because the 90s was an era of television shows for kids, and they were just doing it right! Though constrained by the number of channels, the Indian television was brimming with various serials which the kids just loved to watch!

Yes,there was a time when Indian television was everything else apart from the serials on evil mother-in-laws and the cheating spouses that are showcased today. How we wish we could have those 90s shows back on air again. While we hope that maybe, someday they will be back, let us have a look at some of those shows which bring back many fond memories.



He was the first ever superhero in the Indian television, and there was not a single kid who didn’t like this guy. The show was so popular among the kids that most of them even had his costume in their wardrobe! I’m sure some of you out there bought his costume as well, didn’t you?



Every kid in the 90s had one common dream, and it was to own the magic pencil shown in Shakalaka Boom Boom, which could bring things drawn with it, to life! Spread over 4 seasons, this series dealt with the adventures of Sanju and the abilities of his magic pencil.

Son Pari


Based on the friendship of a girl with a golden fairy (Son Pari), this fantasy Tv series was India’s own impression of the Aladdin, but with a slight twist. The adventures of Fruity, the golden fairy, and her friend Altu was loved by each and every kid in the block.

Karishma Ka Karishma


Kids nowadays think that Chitti is a really cool robot who looks exactly like a human being. Well, they obviously don’t know about Karishma! This Indian TV series, which was a remake of a popular American science fiction, was about a robot named Karishma who was more human-like in reality. How she saved the day of Vikram (her designer) and his family, was one hell of a story to watch out for!

Hip Hip Hurray


This show was “the thing” for most of the teenagers. Based on the lives of a bunch of twelfth graders, this show gave us a peep into what secondary school held in store for us. Hip Hip Hurray won the hearts of thousands on teenagers, and surely brings back a lot of memories from high school days.

Malgudi Days

malgudi Days

Who can forget the ever charming swami, and his friends? Based on R.K. Narayan’s collection of short stories, this TV series revolved around the life of swami and his friends. It showcased the innocent tales of simple people, unknown to the impurities of the world.

Vikram Betaal

Vikram BetaalA classic show, straight out from the Indian folklore and literature, Vikram Betaal was the story of King Vikramaditya, and a Betaal which he sets out to capture. A gripping tale of mystery and deception, the stories narrated by the Betaal taught us a great deal of morality as kids.

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