15 Exotic Beer Destinations Around The World Every Beer Lover Must Visit At Least Once In Their Lifetime

Beer Lovers

Are you a beer lover? If yes, scroll down and find out the best places in the world to gulp down that exotic beer.

This article is sure to entice the senses of all the beer lovers.

Dublin, Ireland: The Dublin city of Ireland is the ultimate paradise for all beer lovers. Enjoy the exotic malty beer available there.

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  • Famous Beer/ Beers: Some of the famous beers include Kilkenny, Caffrey’s and Mulligans.
  • Where to say Cheers: Visit the city’s oldest beer brew, The Potherhead, and The Brazen Head Pub.

Prague, Czech Republic: T

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  • Famous Beer/Beers: Pilsner, the famous Prague beer brand is responsible for the country’s beer export economy rises.
  • Average Price for a Pint: 4 Euros on an average.
  • Where to say Cheers: Sly Clancy’s pub is the best beer pub in the city

Moscow, Russia: With the growth of new brews at the corner, Moscow has now become the hub for beer geeks rather than vodka mixers.

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  • Famous Beer/Beers: Moscow beers include Baltika and Stary. These malty beers are the best in the city.
  • Average Price for a Pint: 1 to 2 pounds.
  • Where to say Cheers: Hamovniki Venskoe is the oldest brewery in Moscow, Russia.

Munich, Germany: Munich, the German city, preferably known as the paradise of all Beer cities in the world, is the hub for fresh brew and lager.

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  • Average Price of a Pint: 3 to 4 Euros.
  • Where to say Cheers: The great German Beer Hall is the city’s best place to say cheers to the city’s exotic range of breweries.

Portland, USA: Portland is the beer house of the USA. The city houses the largest range of bars and beer parlors found in the city.

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  • Famous Beer/Beers: Allagash, Novare Res, Oxbow and Bunker are the best in the city.
  • Average Price of a Pint: Portland offers low cost, affordable beer to the beer lovers. With a cost of $50 per person, this place is the paradise for all beer lovers.
  • Where to say Cheers: Voyage to the city’s best beer brewery is the best experience ever.

Mexico City, Mexico: Mexico- one word that grows the appetite and makes a room for thirst for beer lovers. Mexico City explains its authentic range of traditional ambiance it provides to its beer parlors and in-house beer brewery.

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  • Famous Beer/Beers: Exotic range of Mexican beers includes the beer box, Osadia, Xochipilli and Babilonia Alquimia Mexicana.
  • Average Price of a Pint: 2.5 USD per person.
  • Where to say Cheers: Say cheers to the Mexico city’s fresh brew beer at the annual Puebla Beer Fest.

Brussels, Belgium: Brussels lies in the heart of Belgium and is popularly jam-packed due to its high profile beer culture that dates back to the 17th century.

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  • Famous Beer/Beers: Some authentic Belgium beers include Duvel-a typical blond Belgian Ale, Oude Kriek, and Augustin.
  • Average Price for a Pint: 1.27 Euros per headcount.
  • Where to say Cheers: De Gouden Boom Brewery Museum must be your first stop in the city.

C’mon, all the beer lovers out there, pack your bags and set out to taste the exotic range of beer available across the globe.

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