5 Types of Stereotype Passengers We Come Across While Travelling In Train


Train is one of the cheapest and the most convenient means of transportation. While traveling in a train, you get to travel along with people belonging to different background and culture. With this, we present you with a list of five different types of passengers, whom you meet, everytime you travel by train.

Travelling in Train

Shall we call them technology freaks?

There are these people who are always seen with their electronic gadgets. Some of them might always be busy in gaming while others are engrossed in messaging or on a call. Nonetheless, these people are always on phone- no time to look at what is happening around them.

Technology Freaks





The Restless Passenger

It is obvious that we all are not well acquainted with every place we visit around. So yes, there is always this person who is worried most of the time whenever a stop arrives and asks the same question – which stop is this?

Restless Passenger
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The Family and The Baby

Yes!  The passenger, especially with his/her baby, is more likely to catch our attention. The entire crowd tends to act so sweet with a smile. But are they liking it? Well some of them might act hypocrite with a fake smile on their face.  The parents are always after the baby regardless of the type of vicinity they are present in.



The Inappropriate Married Couples

What makes it uncomfortable for the rest of the people around are the clingy gestures of these inappropriate couples.  The unnecessary gestures like holding hands every time and keeping close with each other 24/7 are something that makes us uncomfortable.

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The Booklovers

The best type people are these book lovers who do not have time to look around. Basically, they mind their own business. We believe these are the perfect travelers.

Book lovers

Have you come across these people by a train? If yes, share your stories in the comments.

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