9 Things Only The Night Owls Can Relate To


Early to bed and early to rise, makes oneself healthy, wealthy and wise. But this does not imply to those who belong to the brotherhood of night crawlers. Feeling tired and sleepy during the daytime, sleeping at 3 am in the morning and getting most of your work done in the late nights are actually some signs that you are a night owl.

Here are few things that you will understand only if you are a night owl!!

Everybody’s clock ticks from AM to PM but your clock strikes the opposite from PM to AM.

You just love watching the stars. It wouldn’t be tough for you to stare at the dark sky and the stars for hours.

There is nothing wrong in sleeping at 2 pm

Your friends understand that you are not a morning person so they do not contact you before noon.

You are more productive and get things done during the night rather than the daytime.  

Coffee is your best friend because you are always awake until the crack of dawn.

The internet loads within a fraction of seconds during the night. By the time you decide to sleep, it is already morning. 

Because you are a night person, you tend to operate in a silent mode. When people are talking normally, it is too loud for you.

You love the 80s and 90s TV shows. 

To all the night owls out there, ‘Most of the successful people belong to our clan.’

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