10 Hilarious Superwoman Videos that Are Relatable AF


A YouTube star with more than 11 Million Subscribers, Lilly Singh is making history today by creating hilarious videos. She refused to follow the 9-5 job cycle and started her own YouTube channel titled Superwoman. Lilly Singh slowly rose to fame and today she is a renowned YouTube celebrity who earns in millions by making people laugh at her videos. Lilly Singh has taught us how to add a pinch of humor in the trickiest of situations.

Relatable AF her one-liners and situation context is sure to give you a belly ache for laughing so hard. Whether your parents are at war or you are suffering from a rough breakup, she has an advice for everything. Fasten your seat belts because we have jotted down 10 of her most comic videos that will send you on a laugh ride.

When you Don’t Know the Name of a Song

We all have been there when we listen to a song that we feel is the best song ever and it officially becomes our jam. It becomes so loving that we actually start grooving to that jazzy beats but we don’t have any clue about the lyrics. Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman has expressed that situation perfectly in this humorous video.

Why Group Chats are Horrible

Group chats are awesome, but it gets insanely irritable when you put your phone on charge for 30 minutes to find more than 1000 new messages in your inbox and you lose track of the conversation. So annoying yet so relatable.

How My Parents Fight   


When the parents are at war, the children become the victim. So clueless that they can’t decide whose side to pick and when they do, they become the reason.

What Parents Really Mean

So, we all have been there when our parents say something and they actually mean something else. Lilly described common things that most of the parents do to deal with their kids. Relatable as hell this video will certainly connect with you at most of the situations that you have experienced atleast once.

5 Reasons your Phone Sucks                 


From faulty chargers to the number of times we drop our phones, everything is so accurate that you’ll die laughing.

If your Brain were a Person

If our brain were a person it would be exactly like this. From drinking alcohol to reading a book, what our brain suffers is summed up in this 4-minute video.

How Girls & Guys Forgive Each other

As soon as you figure out that your bae is mad because of your silly act, you go and apologize. Lilly hilariously described the agony of a guy whose Bae doesn’t forgive easily.

How Girls Get Ready

Going for a party? This is why girls make late guest appearances at a party. Wittily perfect this video explains the struggles of girls while they get ready a.k.a. True Story. Let us Burk….burk….burk…it down for you.

If My Phone were a Person

If you own a cell phone then this video is made for you. The stress when your phone accidentally falls, when your phone hangs up, running out of battery, dealing with auto-correct, everything that happens with almost everyone on a daily basis. Get ready to relate to this video.

Every Argument with My Parents

When you argue with your parents, deep down you know that you can never win an argument with them. Either by logic or by sentiment there is no way you can prove your point. Even Lilly couldn’t do it:D Straight up, this video is your cousin so get ready to relate.

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