9 Ways To Get Rid Of The Monday Morning Hangover

Woman with a hangover after a party

We all have experienced a nasty hangover at one point that left us in bits. The drunk stories that we made and the friends that were there to help us in our times of need is a part of our every alcohol sphere. Not to forget the throwing up and making large pegs and the constant blabberings. Yes, it’s all great, but the next morning is the hardest especially if you have office. The Monday mornings which turn into Monday blues for some reason (Ahem….ahem) are the toughest to face. Thanks to those friends, “peeley peeley…zindagi bhar duayen dega mujhe” or “Bhai tu mera bhai hai bus ek last, pakka”.

We all have been there when we vowed to limit our alcohol or say “Never-Again” but as we know ourselves it’s almost every weekend’s story. We sure loose the count of our drinks, but there is a solution for everything and so, there is a solution for that hangover also which refuses to leave us alone. If this is your every weekend’s story, read on…




Buttermilk helps in easing out the headaches and nausea. Consume a glass of buttermilk at regular intervals. It’s an effective remedy that helps in fighting the hangover.



Alcohol gives you a great trip and leaves your body with a hangover and dehydration. To keep up with your heath, it’s quintessential to first rehydrate your body by consuming the required fluids. Drink ample water and fresh juices to cope with it.



Honey acts as an excellent cure for hangover because of its richness in potassium which makes it a great hangover fighter. Honey contains fructose which helps in metabolizing that extra alcohol in your body. Gulp down 3 tablespoons of honey or use it as a spread on your toast.



When caffeine kicks in your body, it starts reducing your headache and also helps in treating that state of trance. Have a cup of strong coffee and let it work in your body.



Lemonade is considered as one of the best remedies to cure hangover. Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and consume it instantly. You can sprinkle a pinch of salt to improve the taste.



A rich source of magnesium and potassium, banana helps in soothing hangover. You can either make a banana smoothie by blending a banana with cold milk or consume a raw banana.

Greasy Breakfast


75% of hangover victims lean towards a greasy breakfast. Dig on some greasy breakfast like egg sandwiches or a slice of pepperoni pizza and start to feel better.

Coconut Water



No, we don’t mean coconut water with Vodka. Just plain and sweet coconut water will do the job. You’ll start to feel a lot better after 15-20 minutes of consumption.

The Magic Potion


It doesn’t include any of the magical ingredients which are impossible to find. You just require basic ingredients to make the ultimate Hangover Remedy and the great news is that it’s all available in your kitchen. Mix salt in your water and chug on. This will speed up the process and will cure the hangover faster.

That’s all folks. Let us know in the comments below which remedy works for you best and we will definitely try it out this weekend.

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