12 TV Ads That Will Make Every ‘90s Kid Nostalgic


Those were the days when Bajaj was the only scooter to give us a joy ride, Dhaara cooking oil was the only oil to make lip-smacking jalebis, boost was the only secret of our energy, and Amul was the only utterly butterly delicious butter. Not only the visuals, but the delightful music was a treat to our ears and was filled with kick-in energy as we used to hum the ad tones all day long.

Such fond memories that we can’t get enough of it. If ‘90s nostalgia keeps on hitting you hard then these ‘90s ads will take you back on a memory lane.

Amul – The Taste of India

Before every spread and every butter, there was the only brand that worked as a spread, oil, topping, etc. Amul butter was the only butter in which you can fry Paav, which becomes a topping of Bhaji, which served as a spread on Parathas and Breads. From just butter to butterly delicious Amul, it won the hearts and we can’t stop loving it even now.  Who can forget the Amul girl!

Bajaj Scooter                                     

The joy of arriving at school and humming “Hamara Bajaj” was the best feeling ever. Almost every ‘90s kid stood in the front space while traveling on Bajaj scooter. Feel the joy ride again.

Dhaara Cooking Oil

Everyone remembers the soothing tone of Dhaara cooking oil ad and whenever the ad used to come on our TV sets we used to ask our parents for the mouthwatering Jalebis shown in the Ad. Forget the calories and mend your relationship with Jalebis once more with this nostalgic Ad.

Lijjat Papad

We all fell in love with those papads when the Lijjat Papad ad first rolled out. The cuteness of that ad, the song, and the ending everything is what every ’90 kid wanted.

Nirma Washing Powder

The unforgettable jingle that every ‘90s kid remembers and sings even now. Though Nirma has come up with many creative Ads over the years but the ‘90s feel can only be found in the ’90 ads.


Maggi has been a part of our life for more than 2 decades now. Maggi survived the ban and returned with its original enticing taste.

Paan Parag Paan Masala

Admit it!!! You start to hum the jingle as soon as you hear the name of this brand. Paan Parag is one of the oldest brands to exist till date.


Summer time is Rasna time. ‘90s kids were in love with Rasna and its different flavors. Before Tang, before Tropicana and before any other brand, Rasna was the only brand which gave the coolness of chilling and tangy orange taste to our taste buds in heating summers.

Onida TV

Yes, you read it right, the Onida TV that used to come up in every single match break. No devil has made any ads cooler till date like this guy. Get nostalgic all over again here:

Action Shoes

An unforgettable Ad that made going school so cool because we had action shoes on. Not only this, every kid wearing an ‘Action School Time Shoe’ was considered a hero those days.

Uncle Chips

Before Lays was famous, Uncle Chips used to tempt us and the unique Indian taste it had which can’t be found anywhere else. Till now, the packaging and the taste of this brand are same.


One of the most creative ads of ‘90s FeviKwik successfully delivered its message. Catch the funny fisherman here.

Can’t get enough of it? Watch it all again by scrolling up….

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