11 TV Shows From The ’90s That Everyone Must Watch


Being a ’90 kid is an awesome feeling. Just think, we’re the only generation who has experienced the thrill of Nintendo 64 as well as the joy of Xbox and PlayStation. We witnessed the first never betraying cell phone experience with Nokia 1100 to staying updated via WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hangouts, Viber, etc. The joy of rewinding the “A” side of the cassette with our Nataraj pencils, from Walkman to iPods, from Axel Crazy Frog to Enrique, straight up we’ve witnessed the greatest joys of our lives.

The major part of our lives as kids were the television shows. We just impatiently waited for the next episode of our favorite shows to premier. From Beyblade to Pokémon, we’ve watched almost every show that premiered on television. So buckle up and get ready to ride on that memory lane again, because I’ve collided a list of TV shows we drooled over when we were kids.

Hannah Montana

Almost every kid has watched this show and was one of the best shows of our times. The plot and the humor both were just bang on. As a TV show, it taught us to differentiate between right and wrong and told us the importance of family and friends. Get the best of both worlds here:

Karishma Ka Karishma

Though this is an adaptation of a foreign show that tells the same plot but let’s admit, the shows with desi tadka are just unbeatable. The plot revolves around a family who has a son and an adopted daughter who happens to be a sweet and innocent robot. Catch the wonders of Karishma here:

Lizzie McGuire

One of the best shows of Disney was Lizzie McGuire. It perfectly described the teenage troubles and the ways to deal with them. The friendship that remained in every situation and taught us that no matter what, friends will always support you. Watch the crazy world of Lizzie Here:

Small Wonder

One of my favorite shows as a kid, Small Wonder won the hearts over when Vicki, a robot shows up in the family and the noisy neighbor’s daughter, Harriet just can’t stop having the hots for Jamie Lawson. Catch the small wonder here:

Shakalaka Boom Boom

Almost every kid has wished for this magical pencil to make our drawings realistic and so we ended up buying the replica of that magical pencil. The character Sanju taught us to be brave and help others. Catch the magical pencil here:

That’s So Raven

Who doesn’t want a gift like Raven, a glimpse of the future? This series taught us that not knowing the future is better as we spend our time worrying about it. The series, however, was both hilarious and inspiring. It taught us to peruse our dreams and never give up on them. Find the magical world of Raven here:


Talking about magic? Shararat was one of the series which rose to fame after the already famous series Son Pari and won the hearts with its awesome humor and plot. As kids, we all wanted the Nani who knew thoda magic thoda shararat and can solve almost every problem with a snap. Catch the fantastic world of Jiya here:

The Suite Life of Zack & Codi

The double blast of twin brothers Zack & Codi who exactly knew how to create troubles was just fun to watch. The Tipton hotel was filled with fun, humor, trouble, and Mosby. Catch the glimpse of the double trouble here:

Son Pari

With the very first episode, Son Pari gained the attention of almost everyone. The kind-hearted kid Frooty and her friend Sona the fairy was one of the magical things that one can never forget. Her adventures were a treat to watch. Watch the fairylike friendship of Sona and Frooty here:


Khichdi set the mark of humor with its unforgettable characters like Praful, Hansa, Babuji, Jaishree, etc. The series was not only worth watching but also kids in school used to mimic Babuji and Praful and of course the Bade Log Bade Log. Watch the fun of a crazy family here:

Hum Paanch

Hum Paanch is a crazy tale of 5 sisters who were different from each other. The first wife of Anand Mathur died but was still alive in the frame. The crazy fun of Anand Mathur and the troubles of his 5 daughters which just refused to let him live a normal life, the neighbor who just can’t stand the word “Aunty” was all just worth watching. Catch the nostalgic Hum Paanch moments here:


Feeling nostalgic? Scroll up and watch the TV series all over again. Did I miss any of the series? Let me know in the comments section.

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