10 Songs That Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Mood


One Good Thing About Music,

When it Hits You, You Feel No Pain – Bob Marley

Music not only serves the purpose of merely entertaining people but also acts as a cure and does the most beautiful job in the world, making people happy. Whether something is going wrong in your life, trying to mend the broken heart, Maniac Mondays to deal with, or the office crap that just refuses to leave you alone, there is a song for every mood, every situation.

There is a reason why we feel happy after listening to music. According to a research moving music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical that instantly brightens up your mood. Backed by science, this is one of the major reasons why people prefer listening to music to ease their minds. Here is a list of 10 songs that will instantly light up your mood.

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Don’t we just love the song, the beats, the happy track and the lyrics that are just lovable? As soon as you start singing the song from humming it, you’ll feel much better and more cheerful. Make your mood happy here:

Lovers in Japan – Coldplay

This beautiful song just not only soothes your mood but also takes you to the relaxing island in happy town.

Blue – One Love

Feel a little nostalgic and indulge in the sound of Blue with One Love. The bass sound and the beats are just wonderful and the lyrics perfectly describe that no matter what there is always one love. Get nostalgic here:

Best Day of My Life – American Authors

This is one of the best songs to start your day. With such song, you’re sure to start your day with more cheerfulness than every day. Feel the bliss here:

Don’t Stop Me Now – Remastered 2011 – Queen

Queen’s don’t stop me now is one of the great songs to listen to when you’re feeling low. Though Queen’s every song is the song that can be listened to the turn the mood bright from blue, but this one just speaks to you while making you smile.

Firework – Katy Perry

I don’t think that this song even requires any introduction. Just listen to it and find out how the title “Firework” actually sparks up your dull mood. Experience the firework here:

Side to Side – Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj

When 2 big Celebrities collaborate, it has to be a big music number and big music number is a very definition of good music. The queen of rap Nicki Minaj and the runner of pop Ariana Grande are here to make you groove to the beats. Come side to side here:

Hey, Soul Sister – Train

Hey, Soul Sister is one of the finest tracks by Train and immediately give your mood a fun boost. Simply put, it’s a happy song which gives happy vibes. Catch the sister here:

Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

If you are not feeling right then Bruno Mars is here to cheer you up. Though this song is a little difficult to dance on but who cares. Dance like no one’s watching and put on your dance moves. This song will become your official dance jam. Feel the funk here:

Love Today – Mika

Every song of Mika you hear is full of energy, beats and oh the lyrics, it’s like you can’t get enough of Mika’s songs and this is why you need to listen to one of his tracks when you feel low. Here is one of his great songs “Love Today”. Feel the love here:

Which song do you hook on when you feel low? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try it out. Till then listen to this playlist and be happy cause even there is nobody, you’ve always got music.

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