Cheese, Curry & Cream!!!


What could possibly be more tempting than relishing a few scoops of delicious, buttery ice-
cream in the sweltering, tropical heat of April? Every summer brings a new ice-cream season to tickle your taste-buds with this purest, sweetest of all frozen delights. This summer, get over boring, retro-style ice-creams stuffed with old-fashioned strawberry, chocolate or butterscotch essence. Instead, fill you waffle cones with these super-addictive, extraordinary new flavors. Try out these yummy scoops of sorbet and cream and forget your vanilla fantasies!
1.Goat cheese and cream: Take your taste-buds for a joyride as you dig into this unique, sweet and sour variety of dessert. Fresh, crumbled goat cheese blended with whole milk adds a tangy twist to this ice cream, which is best served with berries and ripe peaches to counter the slight lack of sweetness.

2.Gorilla ice-cream sandwiches: This absolutely special recipe requires neither milk nor cream! Frozen bananas and mascarpone are mixed together to create a sleek, milky texture of their own. The ice cream is sandwiched between two giant double chocolates sprinkled with crispy cookies. The perfect sweet delight, this treat is simply made for the choco-lovers.

3.Curry and Mint: Add an exotic dash to your dessert with this Indian curry and mint ice cream that contains a creamy texture topped with white chocolate chips.

4.Olive Oil Gelato: The famous Italian gelato now gets a special makeover as cupfuls of olive oil are mixed in its custard base. This unique blend will bring you a classic smooth taste that redefines elegance and sophistication.

5.Cilantro Lime Ice Cream: A vibrant bunch of fresh cilantro adds a spicy scent to this batch of ice cream, which is further topped with an extra flavor of crushed bourbon and vanilla powder along with sweet lime peel.

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