Top 5 Nice Looking Road Captures in the World

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Best Photography

Whenever you plan for a holiday or a vacation you will definitely think about the ease and convenience while traveling. An obvious question that will be posed: “are the roads good enough”?

Here’s a list of 5 amazing looking roads along with surreal views that you will surely enjoy.

  1. Rohtang Pass,India
rohtang pass india.
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Enjoy the outstanding view of the snowcapped mountains and tons of glaciers, rivers. Natural disasters like landscape do occur in this route so a careful driving attention is required.

2. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

Image Source: Cape Town Tourism

You will definitely enjoy the outstanding sea view from this road. The road contains exactly one hundred fourteen curves on this five miles road that might prove dangerous if you do not drive with caution.

3. Ruta, Argentina

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The road is three thousand miles where you get to watch the surreal countryside view. Along with this, you will pass through twenty national parks and eight different rivers.

4. State Route 1, Big Sur, California

state route
Image Source: Roadtrippers

State Route 1 will offer you all the scenic views of the West Coast. The view of the beautiful Pacific ocean is just outstanding. Breathing in the fresh air and experiencing the beautiful nature will surely keep you refreshed.

5. A82 Road, Scotland

This is the second largest road of Scotland that is 167 miles long. Most of the vehicles that run on the road are the heavy good traffic and vehicles with tourists traveling around.

Image Source: Peter Brett Associates
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