Backpackers vs Glampackers

Travel - Noisy Radicals
Travel - Noisy Radicals

You surely might have heard about the backpackers while traveling. But have you ever heard about the glampackers? Well! let’s read below to find out how backpackers and glampackers differ from each other.

Backpackers are usually independent, solo and group travelers who wish to roam around at an economic budget. They prefer staying in low-cost lodges instead of opting an accommodation in luxury resorts and hotels.


On contrary, glampackers are willing to spend a slightly higher amount of money when it comes to traveling. Can we call them slightly wealthy travelers than the backpackers?


Few basic dimensions that distinguish backpackers and glampackers are the amount of fund they carry, the type of places they visit, and the means of transportation and the type of hospitality they choose.

  • Backpackers tend to enjoy every small moment by deeply immersing themselves in the local culture of the people belonging to that place.  Eating local food, having talked to the locals is something the really enjoy. They wouldn’t mind staying in the home of these locals if permitted by the other party. On the other hand, glampackers travel for recreation, probably as a break from their materialistic life. They generally go for boutique hotels and comfortable accommodations.
  • For glampackers, the opt for souvenirs such as an overpriced gift shop bracelet. But backpackers collect unique items that signify the importance of that very place.
  • Unlike the backpackers, glampackers visit commercial places, basically what we call “tourist spots”. However, backpackers see every place different from one another and completely immerse themselves regardless of any destination they visit. Unlike the normal travelers, backpackers enjoy an amalgam of different places like adventurous sports, heritage sights and surely the city life as well.
  • Backpackers do not hesitate to travel on public transportation. In fact, they find it very exciting and interesting to get involved in such travel experience.

Traveling depicts an individual’s living style and each one of us has a different lifestyle. It is not necessary that all of us need to travel the same way because some of us might love staying in exotic resorts while others might love the lustrous wilderness just enjoying the nature.

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