5 Things That Makes Us Nostalgic About School


Every year, the month of June brings along a new academic year- full of new hope and new promises for the school-goers and a lot of ‘new’ worries and expectations for the anxious parents. Busy and caught up in the whirlwind of our chaotic daily lives, to most of us, the memories of our bygone school-life evokes a strange nostalgia at times. The scent of crayons, flying origami and crisp new notebooks are some of the things our school days were made of. Learning things, making memories and strengthening bonds of friendship- there is nothing that you cannot relish about those fun-filled, carefree school days. As this June brings about another new year for the school studs, let’s take a retro look at things that are bound to make us feel nostalgic about the good old school days!

New textbooks: Even though most of us were probably not a teacher’s pet or a stereotypical book-worm, the look and scent of crisp new books at the beginning of the year always made us want to start studying seriously (even if the energy lasted only a few days!)

Mid-period snacks: Who doesn’t remember the mid-class munching of chocolates, chips and more! Stealthily digging into your tiffin between periods always came with a risk of being caught- and the fear probably made the fun all the more worthy.

Geometry boxes: One of the first tangible possession of a young student- a shiny new geometry box was treated like a real gem by most of us. The thrill that came from learning to draw neat circles with a compass for the first time made geometry everybody’s favorite!

PT classes under the scorching sun: To most of us, PT classes were more of a dreadful rather than fun experience. Sweating under the summer sun and punishments for not wearing the PT uniform or white keds made most of us want to bunk these horrid classes.

Never ending talks: Remember passing secret chits among your friends so you can carry on your conversation even in the midst of an ongoing class? Topics were endless, gossip was limitless and the talks were incessant!

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