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We are the 'Noisy Radicals'. Our only goal is to bring you eye-popping, mind-boggling, knee-slapping, side-splitting viral stories from across the web.

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Disha Patani Sets Instagram Ablaze In A Black Bikini

It is a well-known fact among the Instagram community that Disha Patani is a water baby, and goes off to unwind in a pool...

‘Why did you let him shoot that?’: An Indian woman’s story of ‘revenge porn’

Aradhana moved around the dimly lit kitchen, softly humming a song. Her melody was punctuated by the sound of a fallen saucepan and water...

Bangalore Woman Dupes Amazon Of Rs. 70 Lakhs

A woman was arrested for allegedly cheating e-commerce giant Amazon India to the tune of Rs 69.91 lakh by making numerous online purchases, returning...